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About Pony Compression
P.O.N.E. CO.

In 2001, driven by a desire to own and operate his own shop, James Mero established P.O.N.E.CO. Inc. He brought with him 30 years experience in natural gas compression having worked both on and offshore in the industry. Along with a tradition of dedication to a job well done, he brought a keen desire to employ new techniques afforded by the development of the latest technologies. P.O.N.E.CO. Inc. saw a niche in small horsepower natural gas compressor packages.

Our packages are designed and built by mechanics from a mechanics point of view, with operation and ease of maintenance foremost in mind. This makes our packages unique in the industry. We apply a systematic approach to troubleshooting that goes beyond a simple recognition of symptoms rather, we delve into causes frequently being able to discover even the most obscure of origins.

Experience and progressive thinking have made us original design innovators of both GrimmerSchimdt NGG series and Boss BGB series portable compressors.

We offer packaged equipment such as Cat, Cummins, GM, Ford, Arrow, Waukesha, and many electric drivers with VFD. These packages are driving compressors such as Boss T-Mar, Sullair, GHH Rand, Tamrotor, Kobelco, LeROI and Tuthill, starting at 20 horsepower and going up to 500 horsepower.

We also re-package, overhaul, upgrade and refurbish natural gas compressor packages.

So. . . .     Pony Up  to P.O.N.E.CO. and get that EXTRA KICK in production.